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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Basic Training?

Basic Training is a mandatory course required for all seafarers by IMO in accordance to new requirement of the STCW 2010 Manila Amendements. One of the requirements to get a Seaman's Book is Basic Training. The course is open for all those interested to apply for SHIP BOARD EMPLOYMENT and need to undergo training in maritime safety.

2. What are the requirements for Basic Training?

Here are the requirements for the BASIC TRAINING COURSE:
(1) Copy of your Birth Certificate;
(2) Medical Certificate with Psychometric Test (Proof that you underwent Physical Examination from any DOH-accredited clinic or hospital (women are required to undergo pregnancy test additionally);
(3) Seafarers' Registration Number
(4) MARINA Integrated Seafarers Management Online System Account

3. Do you give discounts?

If you have a family member who works here at Magsaysay, you can avail our special rate. If none, published rate will be applied.

4.  What does COP means?

Certificate of Proficiency (COP) refers to a certificate, other than a certificate of competency issued to a seafarer, stating that the relevant requirements of training, competencies or seagoing service in the Convention have been met.

5. Where can we process our SEAMAN’S Book?

You can log on to to apply your seaman's book.

6. After the training, do I already have the chance to work under Magsaysay?

MTC is engaged in training only. There's a separate group that handles our recruitment. For our vacancies and the required qualifications, pls visit you may also visit our Recruitment Office located at Ground Flr GE Antonino Bldg, Kalaw Manila


Step 1- Course Inquiry/Enrollment
Step 2- Course Payment
Step 3- ID Picture taking
Schedule: Please ask  Front Desk for details.

Step 4- Attend class according to course schedule
Note: Refer to the details on your Enrollment Form

Step 5- Releasing of Course Certificate

**NOTE: Bring your Official Receipt (OR) when claiming your certificate

1. Any White Polo Shirt
2. Dark Colored Pants
3. Dark Leather Shoes. No sport shoes allowed.

Note: Please strictly observe the above dress code. Non-compliance with the dress code shall mean you will not be permitted to attend class.

1. Always wear your Official Company/Training ID while inside the building.

2. Always wear the proper uniform during class hours.

3. Professional conduct shall be expected from trainees.
*Unprofessional conduct may be a cause for trainees to be dropped from their enrolled courses.

4. Always be on time. Tardiness an/or absences are part of the basis for course grading. Excuse slips shall be required for tardiness and/or absences.

5. Avoid sending SMS while in class. Phone calls should be made/received outside the class, if unavoidable.

6.No eating and/or drinking inside the classroom, unless authorized by instructors.

7. Loitering is discouraged. Trainees may stay in the library, lobby, reading room, and other public areas during break periods.

8. No smoking inside the building. The Smoking Area is on the Ground Floor outside the building.

9. Secure all personal valuables. MTC shall not be held accountable for  any loss.

I. Schedule of Payment
All trainees must pay the total course fee upon enrollment, or the required downpayment, in case of installment payment option (if offered).

II. Course Rescheduling
Couse rescheduling should be coordinated by trainees with the 3rd floor Front Desk.

 A rescheduling of 10% of the total course fee shall be charged for every
course reschedule requested. Course rescheduling is valid for one (1) year from date of payment.

III. Enrollment Cancellation
Cancellations should be coordinated by trainees with the Front Desk.
For all courses, these should be done at least 3 working days before the training date.

A cancellation fee of 25% of the total course fee shall be charged. Cancellations made later than 3 working days before the training date shall mean automatic for forfeiture of the entire total course fee.

processing of the cancellation is atleast seven (7) working days upon filing.

IV. Course Dropping
Course droppings should be coordinated by trainees with the 3rd floor Front Desk.
For all courses, course droppings shall mean automatic forfeiture of the entire total course fee.